Passin' By

by Tall City

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(free) 04:11


released October 30, 2011



all rights reserved


Tall City Jinan, China

6/6 7th Circle Music Collective - Denver, CO
6/18 BarBar - Denver, CO

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Track Name: Lullaby Breath
If you find her lookin for me, please remind her of my safety. I'm on the next bus comin into town, and I know the Lord will lay me down. Sleep for some is a means of survival. Sleep for me signals my dreams arrival. I will be alright and I'll try not to die. I'm having a staring contest with an evil eye.

If you find her lookin for me, please remind her she is my priority. Ugly girls in pretty dresses turn around and go since their disappointment begins with my Hello. I see searchlights all over town, some are pointin up and some are pointin down. I will not leave my seat and I will not leave this bar until the road is clear of every single car.

If you find her lookin for me, please remind her I think she is sweet. I do not mind her as long as she eats, her lullaby breath holds my misery.

Lullaby breath inside of her chest, words like birds in the safety of the nest. Lullaby breath inside of her chest, I look through what's left and I save her the best.
Track Name: Passin By
I'm passin by, passin through. Passin out, passin away.

I ran out of money, but I'm never out of ideas. People think it's funny when you're sipping on your tears. Playground was a holy land. Future is written on my hand. Books will give you information, but answers lie in constellations.

All of my friends are dying without really trying, and I am too far to recognize the direction of their eyes.

Sprinklers on the lawn, rainbows on each rotation. Waking up at dawn to see the illumination. In the center of our youth we understood the truth that during death you rise, protected by the dragonflies.

Air back then was gasoline, nicest colors I've ever seen. Then one day, a comet came. That comet set the sky aflame.

Did you say hello to me? I can barely hear you. Do you remember me? Do you want me near you?
Track Name: Poems In The Air
She saw poems in the air, wrote them down onto my ear. Deep into my mind they disappear. I hope they find peace in there.

She's been told what she already knows.

She sits down in her favorite chair. TV is on but the TV doesn't care. Once upon a time, we had time to spare. Now the time is gone. Now there's nothing there.

I think we are a little too mature since we are never very sure.
Track Name: Mother Didn't Mind
Crow circles the cradle, makes baby's eyes water. So mother makes a scarecrow the kid confuses for his father. Then the twine unravels and crow picks apart the straw so child swears revenge on crow for pickin apart his pa.

Keeps watch on the sky, looking for that bird. Finds him afterhours drinkin wine at the church. Chases crow into a cloud, pregnant with storm, then lightning strikes his blood and keeps him forever warm.

Father was made of straw tied together with twine. Never said a word but mother didn't mind. The kid's got lightning blood and he sleeps inside the sky. Only comes down to earth to let them know he's still alive.

Closed my eyes in Kansas, opened up in Oklahoma. By the time we got to Texas, I finally shook off my coma. Ran out of gas lookin for gas, gave thumbs up to the traffic as the tractor trailers passed.

A twister took me out of Tulsa and dropped me off in Dallas, I found a place to sleep by flippin through an atlas. Got married in San Antonio and divorced in Amarillo. I've never seen my son, but I sense when he is close.