Pick and Choose

by Tall City

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released January 31, 2011



all rights reserved


Tall City Jinan, China

6/6 7th Circle Music Collective - Denver, CO
6/18 BarBar - Denver, CO

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Track Name: Holy Heart
There's a holy heart and it lives inside the sun. It's a work of art and it's free for everyone. It'll tear your soul apart but the whole time you'll have fun. Never too late to start, take your footsteps one by one.

When they ask you to leave just act like you're naive. Walk away from the table with silverware up your sleeve. You're asking for adventure, well, ask and you'll receive, but the lies in your eyes look too true to be believed. So you're dressin up your words til they're looking like the truth. Sometimes you forget your floor is soembody else's roof. We're knockin on your jaw til your jaw comes loose. At least if you can't find food you can chew upon your tooth.

You could try and shoot it but you're afraid of needles. You can try to snort it but you're worried about your nostrils. Some people smoke it but the smoke will make you cough. You got some glass and broke it, so your supply is cut off. Grandma's in the grave and grandpa's on the couch. Moms on some guy's motorcycle and dad is still a grouch, so your friends are your new family with all their faults of course. You've never ever been married but you sure have been divorced.

With all the skill it takes to shovel that Skol inside your skull, you could take the new moon down and fill it puke until its full. The general's at the door saying get dressed and go to war. You say 'no thanks it not worth it sir, I've died a million times before.'

There's a holy heart and it feels for me and you. If life is like a lie then for certain Death is true. You might as well die if you got nothin' else to do. Just step into the sky to speak with you know who.
Track Name: Ovals
Her closet was a sequence of satins and sequins, arranged into a row like words of a sentence. She dresses like promiscuous but really is obsessed with learning the language of her heart inside her chest. Working nonstop, got two mouths to feed. She never includes herself in that sum, so it brings it up to three. There's holes in the hammock between the twin trees, refusing to rock, sympathetic to the breeze.

She's got astrology and psychology to explain why he was mean. She's fine when she's alone, she just cries when she's seen. Nostalgic for a childhood that she cannot remember - except the boys of summer and the toys of December. She dies every night, reborn in the morning. Demons run away if you give them fare warning. When sirens come close, criminals hide out in her skin, in the ribcage palace of the never born children.

She asks me what things that I'd like to see. i like what pleases me and doesn't bother me.

I see omens in the ovals on each side of her nose, underneath the eyelids which only pretend to close as she sleeps alone in her candle and rose, like a temporary funeral for her night of calm repose. I see omens in the ovals on each side of her nose. She dreams of coming home all the way on her tiptoes. She's got friends and family waiting to meet the man she chose , but the night before the wedding, he always runs away from home.