Soft Sunlight

by Tall City

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8 recently recorded tracks by Chris (Tall City). A combination of MS-DOS 16-bit beats, live autoharp, and analog keyboard.


released October 15, 2010

Chris Bullock (everything)



all rights reserved


Tall City Jinan, China

6/6 7th Circle Music Collective - Denver, CO
6/18 BarBar - Denver, CO

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Track Name: Soft Sunlight
Soft sunlight is something that we like, but the dark dirt below is somewhere we will go. The moon's false light is a deep and distant bright, sure the sky is shy because it holds its rain inside.

Night removed her robe and showed her blue sky skin: eyes of yellow flame and hair of clean white cotton. We all spoke in smoke until we choked upon our jokes. Her blue sky skin became cold so she put on her cloak.

She's got a pair of headphones & everyone thinks she's listening. She turns the volume up so nobody wakes her up. She's got a pair of ears in which I pour my tears, I hope my eyes will find the flowers in her mind.

She's got an apron decorated flowers (seeds sewn with thread). Curtains surround the shower where your skin is shed. You're counting down the hours til finally you're dead but did you ever stop to consider you live forever in your head?

Coffin and cradle are equally strong. Birth and death are short, just the in between is long. Your skin is soft but your soul is tough. Death never comes soon enough.

Night removes her robe and shows her blue sky skin. Eyes of yellow flame and hair of clean white cotton.
She's got a pair of ears wherein I pour my tears,
I hope my eyes will find the flowers in her mind.
Track Name: Quietly My Dear
Call before you're here, I'll leave the door unlocked.
Quietly my dear: be careful where you walk.
The yard is full of leaves, littered by the fall,
we'll return them to the trees when we grow that tall.

Call before you're here - I'll leave on the light.
Quietly my dear: you will be alright.
Follow my voice in case you lose your sight,
I'm singing in my bed to make it through the night.

Call before you're here - there's no need to feel so sad.
I could never be angry at you & I could never be mad!
Take the stairs by tiptoe with your hand along the wall,
the floor so soft below - you fall asleep where you fall.

We'll bury you in blankets with a kiss upon your grave,
then you close your eyes and step into the cave.
We consider it a miracle that you didn't disappear -
it's tempting to stay forever
in your limitless interior.

Call before you're here,
quietly my dear.
We think of what we love
but we dream of what we fear.
We wake up with a smile
We wake up with a tear
We wake up in a pile
of what we plan to wear.
Track Name: Step Out Into Sleep
I've seen the sun set behind a horizon of hips. We kept on kissin & tasted lies upon our lips. The shore was decorated by the wreckage of ships, survivors satisfied thirst by taking their sweat in sips.

The child of earth is an orphan of heaven: cursing his birth and all he's been given. Who is it who watches us from beyond the horizon? Waking up the sun to make sure that he's rising.

I step out into sleep and close my eyes behind me: deep into a dream where nobody can find me. Night is when I close my eyes, but my mind is still awake. Visions got me hypnotized: what my little mind can make.

I stared into my shadow, in there I found a staircase. I took it several levels into my own deep darkness. sought shelter in my shadow, hoping for blindness. Unfortunately my eyes became used to my own darkness.

Look before you leap and pray before you land! It's easy enough to lie if you're not strong enough to stand. You're drawing in concrete with the outline of your hand but a signature by finger is hard to understand.

So grab me by the shoulders and please shake me awake. How long have I been out and how much did I take? The only I've got is the love that I can make. I'm saving all my strength for someone else's sake.
Track Name: Headlights in the Driveway
Remember when you ran outside, looking for somewhere to hide? Darkest clouds took up the sky, air got hot and began to cry. Footprints in melting snow, lost your shoes long time ago. Mom went out for another pair, when she got back Dad wasn't there.

Headlights in the driveway, headlights in the driveway.
Always on an on display, asking you 'come out and play.'
Headlights in the driveway, headlights in the driveway.
Approaching here from far away,
headlight hands take me away.

Frostbite made your feet turn black, running like a running back into bushes with the ghost, impersonating comatose. Hide and seek and never found - ancestors buried underground. Snowflakes landing on your mouth, never gonna let them out.

Dandelion, you gave up trying. Put your petals in the leaves, gave your pollen to the bees. Everything you used to do, people have died from. Everything you try to do, you are denied from.

headlight hands

Mother tried to keep you close to save you from the overdose. Father tried to kick you out to show you what life's all about. Sister tried to keep you near, worried that you'd disappear. Brother tried to make it hard - threw your toys into the yard.
Track Name: Motel Room Mirror
He left his love in Laramie, staying with her family, walking along 3rd, waiting for his return. The wind had blown his body from Wyoming to Colorado where he lost his money losing the local lotto. The only way he'd return is if the wind had changed direction, then our faces would be frozen according to superstition. He heard voices in motel room mirror and when he went to sleep those voices became clearer.

She started thinking thunder & she started crying rain. In her lips was lightning - what else could her skull contain? 2:30 in the morning, goin outside to read the neon. Sprinklers in the rainstorm keep watering the lawn. She walked up a tornado like a spiral staircase with a countenance so calm, nothing shook her face. At the summit of the storm was an entrance into paradise. You don't have to die, just leave your skin and skull behind.

He heard voices from the motel room mirror
When he went to sleep, those voices became clearer
He saw face in the motel room mirror
When he shut his eyes he could see their features

The celebrate the centennial of the cemetery city where graveyards are reserved for the wealthy and the pretty. Families follow fireworks cutting through the clouds, explosions the atmosphere with ashes raining down. Relatives reminisce on prices of yesterday, when everything was cheaper - it was almost given away. Antique advertisements put the decay on display on broken brick buildings sitting empty along the highway.
Track Name: Overwhelming
If you're hungover and hungry, just put yourself to bed. You dream of eating food and wake up feeling fed. They'll visit you at night, pouring whispers in your head. You remember what they meant, but forget what they said.

Mother, keep your son close to your side - inside his eye is a desire to die. Mother, watch your daughter, as if you are a spy, studying significance of every single sigh.

Father believed in prayer to keep a family together. Father believed in pain to make the soul better. You'll give away your body, it's something you no longer need because if you ain't done nothing wrong, then heaven comes for free.

Get into the car and drive off in the hills, closer to the stars where everything stands still. Turn off the lights and put away the pills, you can see the city but the city doesn't seem real.

The city looks so pretty
The planet so gigantic
overwhelming so overwhelming
A perfect moment keeps on happening.
Track Name: Your True Mirror
Keep on the lights on, since the sun only shines outside. Try as you might through the night - nothing gets done when you're in love and you're sure you've had enough.

She stays near so you can hear her fear. Inside her eyes is your true mirror.

If she cries, look away. It's just something going on inside. When she lies you can say: quit putting yourself on display, please put my past away.

Finders are keepers, losers becomes weepers. Heavy sleepers sinking deeper.

You're brave enough to cheat her but you're too afraid to leave her. You're smart enough to deceive her but you can't admit you need her.
Track Name: Across Empty Lawns
I'll find a room to rent with no credit check. No application fee and the first month is free. The Lord giveth to me - and then he takes away. Sounds like a game to me that the Indian givers play.

Hunger's just a feeling, it'll go away again. You're accusing me of stealing but I took food from a friend. A friend will let you live, a friend will forgive. Sort of like a savior who understands your sins.

A flock of stars came down to me, they came to take me up - they came to give me peace. I chose to stay alive, I chose to stay inside where I will pass the time. Where I'll stay occupied. Jesus came down once to take away our sins sort of like a garbageman emptying the bins. Jesus may come back to take away our sins but we have killed him once and we'll kill him again.

What goes around comes around, and comes around again. It keeps on coming around until the circle's finally broken. I'll never try again, I'll never try again. If at first you don't succeed - maybe you should take a hint.

I took out all my teeth and threw my tongue away. There's nothing left to eat, and nothing else to say.